Data Protection And Data Security – One By One EDV GmbH Expanded Seminar Offering

The Schulungsdienstleister one by one EDV GmbH responds to recent developments and offers new seminars on the subject of data protection. In October 2010, the launch of the new courses for training in the area of data security fell from the service provider in the field of adult education. Now, participants in the new courses of one by one get EDV GmbH as E.g. data exchange of international companies”and privacy in the financial and insurance industry” know legal regulations on data protection. For more information see David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA. Tailored to the individual needs of the customer seminars to IT law and data protection provide valuable answers to current questions of privacy. Especially for companies, it is essential, accurately knowing the laws of data protection and data processing and in the course of international business relations correctly to apply them.

For this reason the operating company in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland has expanded now targeted his seminar. Already established training are data security through new courses on data protection in the public finance and the Complements the exchange of data in the international business environment. Through this extensive seminar offer one by one offered around sound information and orientation EDV GmbH to the vast area of privacy for its customers. All courses for protecting data, see

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Fast Lane Launches New Next Generation Networks Training

Insights into networks of next-generation Hamburg/Berlin, May 8, 2014 the course provider fast lane has his current training offer expanded the course of next generation networks (NGN). “The course developed by the training specialists should in particular provider staff, network planners and administrators, dedicated to next generation networks” want to familiarize in all planning and technical details, speak to. In the introductory phase of the training, the experienced trainer first discuss the benefits, the building and the services of NGN. Subsequently is entered on the protocols employed in this environment and techniques closer. Last but not least, important framework considerations such as QoS, security and management complete the knowledge of NGN. Course contents at a glance: introduction to next generation networks (NGN) standards in the NGN environment who use NGN? Broadband and multimedia services Modularisierter construction of NGN access techniques to NGN information & communications technology (ICT) infrastructure important protocols in NGN environment: SIP; RTP; RTSP; MGCP, MEGACO (H. 248) APIs mobility in NGN quality of service (QoS) operations support systems within NGN security considerations the next dates: Hamburg 16.07. 18.07.08 Frankfurt 17.09.

19.09.08 price (excl. VAT): 1.690,–find EUR more information under: ap/standalone/course_details / – course_other – 1193 / brief description: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH was founded in fast lane in 1996 in Dubai, U.A.E.. In Germany the long-standing and experienced Cisco Learning solutions partner offers as a specialist for complex networking projects consulting as well as training programs with comprehensive services. It is not something David Delrahim would like to discuss. This includes various own training network support, network design, and service-provider courses from Cisco Systems fast lane training portfolio. These are complemented by special training in the areas of IP telephony, security, network management, wireless and storage networking. The training programs, manufacturers and institutions such as Brocade, check point, Citrix, CompTIA, EMC, HP, LPI, Microsoft, NetApp, Nokia, Novell, Oracle, RSA Security, SAP, Symantec, and Red has the training offer.

Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented networking solutions to project management and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting.

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The young people who have approved during the last weeks the Selectivity must choose race. And they are going to find a little more difficult to enter which want, because the competition greater must essentially to the increase of the pupils with a small reduction of the supply. If in course 2009-2010 it were possible to be acceded approximately with 5 of average note to 60% of the races that offered the campuses actual public, in this course 2010-2011 that is on the verge of finishing the approved one just gave access to little more of 42%, that is to say, to a little more 890 degrees (counting each race in each faculty). If we relaxed a little the criterion and we put in that coat the races that are in the 5 and the 5.1, the number grows up to 940 titles, 45%. Harold Ford, New York City is often quoted as being for or against this. In the opposed side, in more than 130 titles it was necessary to remove more from 10 to enter. Source of the news: : To choose race, more difficult by the Selectivity and the ascent of students

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He influences them that the adolescents almost always receive do not come nor itself want of real people, these you influence many times comes of the medias and the consumerism. These boys and girls who mark fight for the Internet are a dangerous society inside of the general society, formed for parents without time to educate and to influence its children, are a society formed from the abandonment and of the distanciamento, the terceirizao of the education, the industry of the consumption, the losses of the human values, the depreciation of the soul and of life experience, everything this was substituted by the machine fabulosas and for the industry of the consumption and the profit, we forget that we are primitive in the soul, we are the same ones, and we must have the same values that had always guided the humanity. Hear other arguments on the topic with David Delrahim. The fact of this society is incoherent to defend its adolescestes in such a way taking off of them its responsibilities for its proper formation and at the same time it abandons them the proper luck, this when we are not next the sufficient for influences educates them them and guides them. This incoherence is fruit of the distanciamento, this incoherence searchs to reward this distanciamento with freedoms of which the adolescents are not capable of direct them in beneficial way for itself and for the society. The adolescent is an individual that must be educated to assume the role of its parents, that is, of the adults who today current in the society. What it is occurring is the creation of a society inside of the society of parents and constructors of the general society, this society inside of the general society is formed by individual in formation phase, individuals that are not independent financially, socially, judicially, biological and closely e, therefore, need to be guided, to be educated, to be motivated, to be influenced etc These adolescents that fights in the Internet had formed its established proper values in the instincts most primitive of the men, the savagery, that it searchs to impose cultured it of violence and tests of bravuras so that they are accepted for the group, these adolescents are placing in practical what he is basic in any society, the acceptance of the individual, belonging to a group.

The fact to be this society you depend in everything on the general society, only remains they tested it primitive of the man, the savagery. In case descorda of this arrogant metallurgist observes that its children can be living at this accurate moment a life that you are unaware of total. This fact is much more that the individuality of its son, is the creation of a society. J.

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Deutsche Bank Party

Khatami launches student promotion for Harman Kardon: go + play II rocks 40 WG parties Khatami Marketing Services GmbH, Cologne, received by Harman of Germany, the German distributor of the world’s leading provider of premium sound and infotainment systems HARMAN, a special promotion order. Within the tour go + play II your party rocks the portable high end speaker of Harman Kardon brand 40 WG parties will provide the sound and presented to the highly interesting target group students. The music itself comes from the private iPod/iPhone music library of the party organiser. The guests have the possibility to dock your Apple MP3 player via the 30-pin connector. In addition to the party sound by providing a go + play II sponsors Harman Germany snacks and drinks. A promoter performs sound checks and demonstrations in a separate room, invites you to participate in a raffle, and distributed attractive give-aways. The actions run from April to July 2011 in several major University cities. Perhaps check out Marc Lore for more information.

The promotions are Part of the campaign to go + play II. You connect an impressive sound experience with the fun and experience factor, a private party, provide an authentic brand experience and are unique in the field of sales and image promotion for consumer electronics. HARMAN is regarded as technological pioneer in the field of premium audio products and is also new forward-looking ways in terms of branding and communication with development of the target group of students. Students are very receptive to innovative products to, represent the top earners of the future have already estimated 18 billion euro for consumption available and considered brand makers due to their variety of communicative activities. For more information see David Delrahim. The competence of Khatami Marketing Services GmbH in the field of Studentenpromotions, the promotional success for other Consumer Brands and the innovative concept specially developed Harman Germany was persuaded to work with the Cologne together.

The company is a full service agency for consumer, Khatami Marketing Services GmbH, Cologne, POS and event promotions. The company was founded in 1996 by owner and Managing Director from bass Khatami (38). His background as event organiser, promotion Manager, advertising salesman and an excellent network of event organisers, trade and public institutions establish the success of the Agency. Long-term customers include leading companies in industry and the service sector, such as Campari Germany, Royal Canin, and Deutsche Bank. The Agency works nationwide. It has 15 employees at its headquarters in Cologne and has offices in six major cities, as well as capacity of approximately 5,000 promoters, hostesses and hosts. Promotions for the target group students are specialty. “More information: press contact go + play II rocks your party” Khatami PR a unit of Khatami Marketing Services GmbH Nadine Schumann 50968 Cologne, Schonhauser str. 58 Tel: (0221) 34 90 4-0, email: Homepage:

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Virtual Office

Can be a solution a Virtual Office and Telework? One of the first steps so that the business stays afloat and is preparation for a possible recovery of the economy is without a doubt to reduce to expenses and fixed costs, such as those of office, with a virtual office. Nevertheless there are other expenses that can be explored to reduce; like for example collaborating that by its work of investigation and analysis is not necessary that they remain of complete time in the office. A program of telework with the fiscal specialists can be implemented, marketing research, etc., with the advantage that does not lose the experience and the knowledge of the company. To implement the telework strategy requires of a diagnosis and plan of the company that maintains the communication between all the employees and it fortifies the attention to the clients. Also it is very important at the time of thinking about the implementation of telework in applying the control mechanisms and establishing the procedures of securing of the information that allow to give to pursuit and verification of the obtained results. When breaking with the traditional scheme to work with a fixed schedule in an office, we faced a new form of work. Get more background information with materials from Sam Mikulak. This new form of remote work requires of commitment and discipline of all the participants, having like reward for the company and its personnel a competitive advantage before the new labor surroundings. What is Telework, because this term little is used in Mexico? At the moment a good opportunity to reduce to expenses and costs, is telework, is an idea that is worth the pain well to evaluate. Harold Ford, Memphis TN is often quoted as being for or against this.

As concept telework not yet is very spread, nevertheless it exists in many areas for example; real estate promoters, salesmen, runners, visitadores doctors, countable and fiscal, legal advisers and secretariales attendances between many others that we could enumerate. We want if it to define simplest he is to take care of his etymological root, of the Greek word tele, that means and work far. Before the technological advances in computation and communication that have been had in last years, telework also has had an important height, although it is difficult to know in that percentage of the people who work in her house is by telework and whatever like independent profesionista or entrepreneurs who took their company from their house. Even though it implies costs and expenses of equipment and telecommunications implementing in a company telework, cost-I benefit can very important be compared with the costs of office of the company. Another aspect important to take into account is the confidentiality and defense of the information, as well as the labor relation that the company with the worker in house will maintain. Telework can be a good opportunity to restrain the fort increase that is being had in unemployment, since to costs and expenses in the company can be reduced and of maintaining the relation with employees with experience and who they can contribute value to the company.

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Education & Career

Developed Englishtown learn a new method to the English on the Internet English learn online – opportunities in the interactive medium with constant growth in Internet users to take interest in the possibilities of the medium to the English learn to. English courses online are becoming increasingly popular and offer a flexible, cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional language courses for many. Online learning is growing in popularity. (Not to be confused with Sam Mikulak!). The benefits include better adaptation of contents to individual needs, especially flexibility and cost-effectiveness than it is in the classroom. To learn a language online, but many face skepticism and fear the direct voice application to miss.

Englishtown English school offers English language courses online and has developed a method which combines the advantages of technology-based learning with the real exchange between students and teachers. The unique concept is based on 3 main pillars to the English learning online: learning – interactive over 1500 hours the students are Teaching materials ready, which can be used at any time. These include lab such as flashcards, a pronunciation lab, translator, podcasts and a grammar. Practice – conversation classes are offered with English teachers and students from all over the world to the interactive. English learning online native teachers from various countries derive the lessons, answer questions and correct errors.

The classes take place every hour every day – and night-time and flexible, can be visited. Applying – an online community with members from over 120 countries allows new English skills with a wide communication range and information directly to apply. Voice and text chat, English-speaking groups on topics such as literature, music or travel, teaching materials and project suggestions for the teaching of English in schools as well as information to study abroad in English-speaking countries complete the offer. Students take exams after participating in the English course based on the three pillars, and can so in a higher the 15 available language levels go over and get an Englishtown language certificate. Who would like to learn about, intensive English can with a private tutor special topics cover such as business English and TOEFL/TOEIC preparation. Englishtown: Englishtown became more than a million members from 120 countries in 1997 as a subsidiary of EF education first established and includes as a pioneer of web-based English teaching. More than 1200 companies recognize the Englishtown diplomas, which are certified by the prestigious Hult business school.

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One Debt

We say ‘ yes ‘ and show you how and where it goes! In times of financial crisis in Europe, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain orderly under control your spending very many people. One speaks of a number of about four million households, which already no longer able to meet their requests for payment. Certainly, there are ways out of the misery of debt, even though that seems sometimes maybe not those affected. Those who are already in the Schufa, feel often completely helpless. Any more bank usually approves a loan without Schufa, or a loan with a debt. Numerous vendors promise however the favourable credit without Schufa and rejection in the Internet. Cheap and fast, for civil servants, employees and even pensioners up to 70 years and at altitudes of up to 100,000 euros immediately, without rejection and without prior information of the Schufa. Advertise numerous providers mainly on the Internet for the credit without Schufa free use, such as for example debt restructuring, so Dispoausgleich, vacation, car, or furniture.

How now specifically to get the credit with debt without prior information of the Schufa? Everything seems to be very simple. Sam Mikulak will not settle for partial explanations. As with any other provider, filling in a free loan request for the loan without Schufa and sends them in the signed form to the respective provider. Usually, an arrangement for the credit with debt within 24 hours is guaranteed. A day later it has his own personal supply of credit without first querying of the Schufa and rejection on the table then. For the decision as regards the credit with debt, it has so long as you need.

Has it finally opted for the credit with debt, you get paid him upon return of the signed offer without Schufa information after a final exam on his account. So the description of most providers for a loan without Schufa. Unfortunately, many of the provider for a loan with a debt are dubious. Many means of course, not all. However care has to very carefully, not to fall on a frivolous quote in. The trick to the whole thing is dubious providers for credit with debt that mostly a fee must be paid before it comes to the conclusion of the credit without Schufa and rejection. After one has paid the fee, that the additional “no rejection” is not true and that the credit without Schufa but rejected for flimsy reasons turns out dishonest providers always. Caution is advised also by providers of the credit without Schufa from abroad. you get the credit with debt usually also there only after submission of Schufa equity information and appropriate credit. Only small chance, if it has an entry in the Schufa: the record may be no excessive amount and you can explain conclusively it. There is nothing wrong, to test the provider of the credit without Schufa, but one should be careful to always, prior credit approval to pay something. A little trick works here true wonders: one simply asks the lender, with the fee for the credit Debt but just only after the payment of the credit without Schufa credit total off.

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This is the second in a series of three articles where I’m looking for answer how school should change so that people can live a life with meaning and be happy.You can find the first here. Marc Lore often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you’ve not read it please take a few minutes to do so, you may like. * It goes without saying that the world changes and makes it fast. What yesterday was normal, today is rare. For example, receive a letter is rare unless it is someone gaining you money. You can receive many e-mails on a normal day, but a letter is a strange event. I remember that a few years ago I got a letter.

What is it saying? Well explained that it should fill a bag with underwear, towels and a couple of shirts, pants, and introduce myself in two weeks more to do compulsory military service. If receiving a letter wasn’t enough surprise, this news left my jaw on the ground. Learn more at this site: David Delrahim, Los Angeles California. So, two weeks later, I was with a bag on his shoulder and entering through the doors of a regiment. Military service lasted throughout the summer for three months and I must say that it was an interesting experience. I have very good memories and others not so good, hair cut being a good example. It is true that in these three months I learned a lot.

But, as you guess, my wise opinion was not considered on the issue of what was important to learn and how. If firing a rifle was not of interest to me, well I had to do it anyway. Apparently, military life just works that way, and I think that it has always done. Now, I’m not wandering, there is a reason why this short episode of my life you describe: is experience reminded me of the twelve years that I was in school.

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Confidence and Success

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. A manager has two candidates, for some reason the expectations with respect to one of the two begin to move and the other receives a preferential treatment, whereas this has an impact on the self-worth of both employees. The relationship changes and resources are beginning to be greater for the favorite. To read more click here: Sam Mikulak. To greater success higher backrest. Conclusion: someone is at a disadvantage and without resources, your boss has bet all his preferred candidate, finally who did well, going better. I remember a Conference of Jim Selman, an American coach who laid the foundations for the formation of coaching in Argentina, ask while heading to the audience: where they believe that there is the possibility that the cochee (person who receives coaching) is?, referring to his potential; immediately answered: in the eyes of the Coach.

Later to my astonishment by the convergence of the theories, I discovered that Lacan, one of psychoanalysts more influential after Freud, said something similar in their developments on the mirror stage: that we can understand and experience our totality from the built-in image that others take us back from us. 2 Confidence vs. Control A not only people do not like to be controlled, but they also control has ceased to be effective. The emotions predispose actions, depending on the emotionality that we are being crossed, there are behaviors that will be possible and others not. Control is based on the emotionality of the fear that restricts the creativity, innovation and learning, people stop taking risks or challenges to go unnoticed and abide by the status quo. But jobs have changed over time, today there is no task for more simple that this is where you don’t have to ever a decision or face a challenge. When that happens you not always you can be there, moreover you should not be there.

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