part of our site. Very soon we are going to devote to the drafting of the best call to action, as well as how to achieve landing effective pages. In particular, the tools offered by email marketing are quite limited. It is true that it is possible to send html-formatted emails, but no illusions. A large part of the receptors have their mail seteados managers to receive text only.

And, although they actually receive emails in html format, they will never have the functionality of a web page. Therefore, best is writing promotion email email marketing to contact their databases, newsleters, or any communications that go by this medium-, raise it as text. Consequently, the Fort has to be the textual component, and not images, artwork, graphics or formatting. For this reason, they are the words that have to convince, and not metatextual elements. Words, therefore, are the element strong all communication by mail. And what the words more appropriate, more vendors, more convincing? You, you and all pronouns in the second person.

The vocativos (for example, proud of) you, loyal followers, where faithful followers is the vocative). And any expression that helps the reader to identify with what they are reading, and feel that that email is intended for the. Free, free, free of charge. Love people getting free things, benefits that can leverage for their benefit. Keys, secrets, tips, exclusive information. Winner, superlative, the best, the market leader. Instantly, already, rapid, immediate and all derivatives. Nobody likes to wait, and consumers less. Do not lie. Yes to make a profit (improve search engine optimization, for example) need some period of time, rinse it, but also focus on the immediate achievements (capitalization of site, improvement of sales rates, more functionalities, etc), exciting, wonderful, incredible, amazing. If you don’t think that your products/services are all that, it is a serious problem. And if you think it, make it known to their recipients. Money, sales, benefits, advantages. Money makes the world go round, and no one has a company (by more modest to be) out of love for the art. Words to avoid fee, charge, cost, price, monthly payments, payment. Don’t ask for an advance payment, ask for an initial investment. Buy. Persons not found happiness by buying, but possessing. Difficulties, problems, delays, inconveniences. Do not use, or even to deny them. Get X to change to meet certain condition. Rather, highlight the benefit of meet the condition to achieve X advantage. Trial and practice are unique roads that lead to the writing of successful e-mails. But, beyond all technique, is the attitude that will become the best guide to writing successful promotional communications. It is believing in your product, and be genuinely convinced of the advantages it offers. After all, it is the marketing, communicate the comparative advantage of products and services.

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