Biographical Revision

The use of basic, indispensable instruments is necessary so that they extend its knowledge of critical and reflexiva form, becoming possible the understanding of world and the reality where they live. The complexity of the study in them leads to an analysis exercise using different metodolgicos procedures, such as: bibliographical revision of specialized literature, also considering the literature of the area of History, interviews, comments, video writings and reflexivas sessions, making possible to clarificar the construction and reconstruction of the thought during the process education learning. We wait with the results, to point a theoretical deepening with more intensity, that is, a proposal to improve the practical pertaining to school in the education of History, even so exists a speech that the majority of the professors in its practical professor has as base the critical reflection, knows that limitations as for the practical one in classroom exist. The learning and education process alone will have meaning for the professor in the measure where to provide a learning that favors relations, connections, comparisons, generalizations, and the other attributes between the estruturantes elements of the practical pertaining to school. . Thus, we will construct and reconstruct the knowledge through the reflexive-critical thought. The biggest challenge of the educators of History consists of articulating the theory to the practical one, considering the social, historical and cultural context. It is excellent that the professor if perceives in the context, in the direction to materialize education for one ' ' to think reflexivo' ' , in a dialgico and dialtico exercise of the applied educative actions in the practical pertaining to school. III CHAPTER II THE SCHOOL ' ' All we are registered the school of the life, where the master is tempo' '. Coralline Cora 2,1 – the PAPER OF the SCHOOL the paper of the school has been very argued and questioned: a place to doutrinar themselves, if to train, if to discipline to be a most efficient possible or place to form critical individuals, with a vision of the man and of world, conscientious of the reality and of as it was constructed? For many, the second option is the true one, but for others the school has been a space of indoctrination, used for the State to impose its ideology and to subordinate to that for it they pass.

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