General Classification

Fernando Alonso, Spanish pilot of escudera Ferrari, adjudged weekend in Singapore, his fourth triumph the past, the consecutive second, in the present season of the World-wide Championship of Formulates One. In Singapore, Alonso started off from the first position in the exit grill. From there, the Spanish gave an excellent demonstration of talent to the steering wheel when staying of first during almost all the competition, that was composed by 61 returns. The unique occasion in which Alonso did not lead was during a small period of return 33, when it left the track to realise a change of tires. With an absolute control of its single-seater and with an unquestionable authority, Alonso demonstrated that he is one of the pilots with better formation. Also it let see his enormous experience, factor that makes one of the favorites to adjudge the Championship. In Navy Bay Street Circuit, Fernando Alonso had to redouble his efforts not to lose his appraised position. She was one tries twice quite complicated for world-wide champion (2005, 2006), since throughout the route strongly was pressed by Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel was the great rival of Alonso during all the competition. The German pilot of Red Bull stayed patch to the powerful F10 of the Spanish from the moment when the exit signal, until occurred the route finalized. All the attention of the event concentrated in these two pilots, who were in charge to create emotion with a hand-to-hand combat. It was a very even confrontation, whereas one marked a fast return, followed the other it to do the same. That was the tonality that could be observed during first half of the race. Return after return, Alonso and Vettel followed everyone by their objective.

And nevertheless, it was put in evidence that the vehicle of Vettel would not get to be as fast as the one of the Spanish. Behind all the action of the leaders, the rest of pilots also looked for to go ahead among others. In the middle of that a strong accident between Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber occurred. The English pilot destroyed his car, and so he lost his possibilities of being able to approach the leaders of the general classification when being outside the competition. When is approached at the end of the test, Alonso continued to the front of the competition. On the other hand, Vettel stayed behind but without being able to go ahead him. Alonso managed to cross of the first line of goal, followed 0,293 thousandth of seconds by Vettel. Podio completed Mark Webber, that to a few returns to finish tried to give fight to the leaders. After the result in the Great Prize of Singapore, Fernando Alonso added 25 points (191 more) and he was placed of secondly in the general classification of pilots, that is led by Mark Webber with 202 units. In spite of the short difference between Alonso and Webber the pilot of Ferrari recognizes that the close proximity between the first five pilots of the complica classification even more the championship. On the AutorStephen Lars he is an excellent sport writer, at the moment he writes on the championship of Formulates One and other sport news for the House of Bets Instant Action Sports. It can make use of the total content of this article, as long as the connections stay intact and the content is not modified.

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