Humble People Do Not Need Crew Members

Two brothers went into all the mornings in the leafy forest to cut firewood. Every day they were alternated so that one of them remained in the cabin and prepared the food, thus to be able nothing else to eat to arrive. Good day, while the older brother was only in the cabin, appeared elfo and it asked to him if it could eat the rest of the breakfast. The boy said that yes and the dwarf began to eat. Suddenly he dropped the bread and he asked to him the young person gathered who it. When this one inclined, he struck it to the dwarf with a wood in the head.

To the following morning, the second brother only remained in the cabin, since the major marched to the forest in search of dry firewood, and the dwarf returned to appear. He asked to him if he could eat the rest of the breakfast and the young person answered to him: – ” Yes, on the table there is bread. Srvete”. When the dwarf dropped the bread and asked to him the young person gathered who it, this responded to him: – ” If you cannot arreglrtelas with your own bread, you will not survive in this leafy forest. Recgelo you yourself “. The dwarf thanked to him and he asked to him if would like to know how where to find it to the princess and the treasure.

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