Inaki Urdangarin

It was later revealed that it was the only score that were hand. The deceased Federal President Jose Luis Costa He protested angrily and received all kinds of explanations. Spanish players, who thought that it was the local anthem, kept in a firm position. More recently, on 29 July 2001, the Spanish water polo team defeated Yugoslavia 4-2 in the final of the World Cup at Fukuoka (Japan). By the same author: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. The players, already on the podium with their gold medals at the neck, not imagined that a technical fault would prevent hearing the anthem by PA during the hoisting of the Spanish flag. Organizers, unable to overcome the erro r, petitioned the Spanish waterpolistas to sing a cappella anthem, what did humming a fictitious letter. Handball did not escape the errors in another of the World Championship, the disputed handball in Cairo in the summer of 1999, and when Inaki Urdangarin was already promised of Infanta Cristina, la seleccion Espanola heard weatherbeaten anthem of Morocco in the moments before the match that should face them with Argentina. interesting as well.

At the time that the players are they looked askance posts on foot, with reserved Urdangarin that day in the stands, the President of the Spanish Federation, Jesus Lopez Ricondo, jumped to the ira prisoner pitch, and fuss and signs attempted unsuccessfully to undo the mess at the scorers table. In the match of the World League of volleyball in 1999 played in Winnipeg between Canada and Spain, the organizers omitted the Spanish before the crash anthem, although they tried to then alleviate the ctos of his unfortunate error with a few gifts to the visiting team. However, similar errors that far from heal with offerings, end in severe diplomatic conflicts are recorded in the recent history of the sport. Such was the case with the Ecuadorian national anthem in the Bolivarian games held in Peru, in October 1997. The Ecuadorian Martha Tenorio, winning the 10,000 meters in Athletics test, took an upset when at the time of be awarded notes the anthem of Peru and not of his country were heard.

The incident, which was qualified as a simple error by the organizers, generated a formal protest by the Ecuadorian delegation and put the first discordant note between the two delegations, whose countries were trying to then advance your tense process of pacification after fighting a war in 1995. Another dream error was the music band at a football match between Colombia and Cuba, of the Santo Domingo 2003 Pan American Games. The PA officials handled a disk of hymns labeled Colombia, when in reality was that of Brazil. The band reacted and improvised the Colombian national anthem. Moreover, there were problems in the sound system and the anthem of Cuba, could not be reproduced, so players from this country and some who were at the stadium decided to sing it loudly. Antonio Garcia, that would be utilility for the Spanish football team in the 1994 World Cup, remains, at the moment, the most far-sighted man who ever had Spain in elite sport selected. Garcia is usually responsible for save in the luggage of the selecting a flag, a cassette and a disc of the anthem in Spanish every time that he was traveling with the team. When last minute problems arose, there was Antonio Garcia. Perhaps his presence in Melbourne would have prevented the stemming error of the illustrious Morrison trumpet. Source of the news: the second rotation of counter is the umpteenth mistake with the national anthems in sport

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