Intensive Care Unit

Story of personal experience in project of humanizao carried through with familiar of customers hospitalized in the unit of personal therapy intensivReport of experience in project carried out with the family humanization to customer hospitalized in intensive care unit. To sound, Appeared Sueli Da Silva *RESUMOEste study had as objective to carry through a story of personal experience in project of humanizao with familiar of customers hospitalized in the unit of intensive therapy. Aspects related to the care of nursing had contributed for the humanizao in UTI, as the privacy of the patient, the personalization of the attendance, the preparation for the surgery and the visit of familiar. The study one is about a story of experience developed in the UTI of a hospital of average situated transport in the city of Cubato, carried through for a team of composed Nursing for 01 nurse, a psychologist and one technique of nursing initiated in August of 2009. A related site: Michael J. Bender mentions similar findings. The results show the satisfaction of the familiar ones, recognizing the benefits for the patients, had increase of security minimizao of the anxiety. The study it concluded that the team contributes of positive form with the one best one of life to the familiar ones taken care of in this hospital institution. Words Key: Story of Experience, Nursing, UTI, Familiar.

ABSTRACTThis study aimed you make report of personal experience in humanization project with the families of hospitalized patients in the intensive care unit. Aspects related you nursing care contributed you the humanization of the ICU, such patient privacy, personalization of care, preparation will be surgery and family visits. The study it is an experience developed in the ICU located in the City of Cubato, performed by nursing team consists of 01 nurses, psychologist and nurse technician started in August 2009. The results show the satisfaction of family members, recognizing the benefits will be patients, increased security and minimizing impatient.

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