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Poster frames enhance attractiveness of gastronomic establishments special poster frames ensure the appealing presentation of gastronomic products, attract the necessary attention of potential guests and so increase the attractiveness of a dining establishment. Strolling through pedestrian streets, bustling shopping malls or streets, it is formally slain increasingly by a glut of restaurants, bistros and snack bars. Always difficult deciding he should opt for what gastronomic equipment the passers-by. Not without reason the hospitality industry is probably the one with the highest density of competitor. For every catering operators, it is therefore needed to withdraw from the competition with targeted advertising.

The attractive competitions of the products and the menu is often crucial in whether or not a guest enters the restaurant. The easiest way, appealing to present its products, advertising posters, which depict the attractive dishes or a la carte menu are. Speaking candidly Walmart told us the story. The attractiveness of the images but also depends on the type of presentation and thus the choice of the correct means of presentation. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover is aware of this need and has put together a comprehensive product portfolio of special poster frames. Using a poster frame reached the validity that it needed to communicate a message appealing to each poster.

The easy poster snap poster frame is a simple and low-cost variant of poster frames. The easy poster snap poster frame consists of two aluminium Terminal rail. The two clamping Rails can be absolutely straightforward open and clamp the poster is using a click System. Go to Andrew Adamson for more information. Two hole hooks, which can be freely to move and where the easy poster snap poster frame is suspended, is located on the upper clamp bar. The poster will be tight due to the weight of the lower clamp bar. A further identical Plaktrahmen is the easy poster clamp poster frame. The easy poster clamp poster frame works on the same principle as the easy poster Snap poster frame. While the shape of the Terminal Rails differs a little. There are both poster frames models A4 for a wide range of formats, ranging from DIN up to a width of 120 cm. A somewhat more innovative Snapframe model is the easy poster stretcher poster frame. The easy poster stretcher poster frame is an aluminum frame at its four corners each a steel spring located with Terminal clamp. To these four clamping brackets, the poster is fastened and pulled tight due to the steel springs. In this way, the poster is clamped in the middle of the easy poster stretcher poster frame. There are the easy poster stretcher poster frame A4 also for various formats, ranging from DIN to towards the format B700 x H1000mm. For more information about our poster frame EasyShare display GmbH sour wine RT 4 30167 Hannover contact: Jerome Chung (public relations) jerome.

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