Gallen and Appenzell, where dog meat is eaten regularly by some of its inhabitants. In Switzerland it is not forbidden to eat dogs, cats, or other pets. Only it is forbidden to trade with their meat. The fact that the condition suffered by dogs in their process to kill them, and get to those identified with that appetite for meat that delicacy, no matter everything that the animal suffers in that martyrdom is very dramatic. Very well expressed Maringa. NET, when it indicates that many dogs for the nightmare of being considered as food will begin on the trucks where they are transported by road. This trip will often last several days along which will not have access to food. It will only provide water through hoses and only to prevent dehydration and death.

To trip enter them in cages crowded stacked on top of each other up to five heights. Arriving at the markets the carrier begins to throw onto the ground top cages. This produces Member breaks and bruises terrified dogs. Once on the ground tongs are used metal to grab them by the neck. Being already subject, traders can either throw them into larger cages to be weighed and sold immediately or download them in corrals. Once on the ground trembling animals urinate and defecate, and literally fall into containers of water in the center of the pens to quench a thirst for days. But for them the nightmare has not done more to start. Buyers spend at your side to select them.

They are then caught again by the metal tongs. After this they are brutally beaten on the snout with an instrument similar to a baseball bat, before the terrified eyes of his companions of destiny. The goal is to let them unconscious. Tragically for them unconsciousness lasts not often enough and they wake up in a matter of seconds trying to stand up, crawling between blood and colliding with other dogs also fallen.

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