Tactic Time

It is true that the structure of the game corporate it is quite distinct from the sport and Enterprise execution times are immeasurably greater than the possibility of working the emotional dynamics. And virtually the companies have not found a clear sequential scheme of execution and analysis that will allow them to run with greater excellence. There are countless meetings where the managers and teams are subjected to useless encounters which always aim the tactic and strategy but never the internal dynamics that a group need to develop it and run it. A major complication to carry forward the same is due to which both the company (as well as sports teams) the Manager or coach assume one of its functions is to handle the motivation of the group that usually becomes sterile or deep harangues critical to the proceedings but who lack deep knowledge of individual psychology and group dynamicsconverted to makeshift empty speeches or become wild operators of emotions that are right to make a little sustainable profit in time in the best of cases. The conflict in the organization is neither good nor bad, only is the cost of operating teamwork, inevitable and necessary (for the expert in group dynamics) to understand what resistors to the achievement, the barriers for a better execution, fears to win, unmanageable losing fears. Great teams do not resolve their conflicts but achieved a huge skill in the Administration that allows them to decontaminate the execution of the task. When two players have irreconcilable relationships, pass the ball accurately means be agreed in time, space and the same idea with a translation of the emotion to the muscle that allows the magic of fine tuning that carry the message (the ball) to that precise place that the other needs. If the conflict is present in the execution, the discussion is materialized in a pass.

Delivery is long, or the pass falls short or not go to the companion on the possibility of defining. The same happens in the company. When the emotional difficulties complicate labor Dynamics probably reports that one of them needs do not arrive in time and form, or someone forget to send it as a player who has refused the peripheral vision that lets you choose the best possibility of precise pass at the right time. Companies are nothing more than a world of conversations and they walk towards the place that talk. Since a powerponit until a State of results they are nothing more than pieces of communication that attempt to discuss an idea to align thoughts on a common strategy. If the Organization has a defined attitude to manage their conflicts through dialogue in the professional recognition that allows discriminating friendship or enmity of professional admiration from a co-worker will undertake a road a lot more rich and prosperous. The company is not the field of love or hate but of admiration or professional respect that makes the best option before the competition partner.

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