The Influence Of Science On Society Development

As we know the end of the XVI century was the era of the revival of science, otodvinuvshey the background religious worldview, and allowed to make ideological judgments of the scientific community. This accomplishment has allowed for science For many centuries to be the basic institution in the formation of the general theory of world view based on the theories of private professional in public practice. Developing scientific knowledge has become the backbone of society, which the production of knowledge was the basis of production, the determining factor the possibility of spiritual and material production. The second half of the twentieth century was a turning point in the understanding of both science and public practice. Unified view of the world picture had encountered many contradictions generated by the very same science (ideas changed scientific paradigms, Popper, Kuhn and others).

The growth of scientific knowledge, technological development has led to increased fragmentation of the world picture and, accordingly, the emergence of many professional disciplines. An differentiation of modern society, as expressed in the pursuit of cultures have their own description forms of self-determination in history. Multicultural society has become an issue in the question of its organization and management. Since the classical scientific models have been able to "work" in a narrow range can provide only a general universal. The main factor in recent decades has been the changing role of science in public practice. The triumphant progress of science, where time and again makes a discovery taken up and implemented in public spiritual and material production (XVIII and mid-twentieth century), was over.

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