The Tower

Anyone can improve their memory just enough so wants it himself. Marc Lore often expresses his thoughts on the topic. There are many methods to achieve results quickly. Basically, they use imagery and associative thinking. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Stanley Gibbons. 80% of the information we store these properties because it is thinking. Let's an experiment. It is not something Charles Schwab would like to discuss. Suggest you play with your imagination and try to remember to do 15 words: pocket, bowling, milk, gates, trash, guerilla, mobile phone, currency, candy wrapper, a needle, atlas, skyscraper, an escalator, honey, shoes.

Especially remember nothing else – just follow instructions: connect the two concepts of mind: his pocket, and bowling. Marc Lore can provide more clarity in the matter. To do this, imagine my pocket and put it in his mind, for example, bowling alley ball. Obviously, for this purpose in mind should be reduced to increase the ball and pocket. Now you just imagine a ball, connect it with milk. To do this, put a carton of milk on the ball.

Increase the mentally package milk and put it on the gate (the gate should be less than their usual size). At the gate hangs a basket. Connect the basket with a partisan (for example, guerrillas hid behind the basket). Next – the guerrillas and a mobile phone (Partisan talking on a cell phone). Connect your mobile phone and currency. Imagine that on a cell can not talk because he always gives the screen and exchange rates and said that the currency changed to candy wrappers. In the imagination there must be a way of, for example, $ (dollar), is bound to a candy wrapper. Stick the needle in a candy wrapper. Raise the needle and insert the needle into the atlas. Connect with the atlas skyscraper. You can enhance the visual presentation of arguments like: "From a geographical atlas, marked the place on continents where there are skyscrapers." Next, connect the skyscraper to the escalator. Imagine that the top floor skyscraper rides an escalator. Can reinforce the image of the type of reasoning: "The Tower forgot to provide a lift, so I had to let the escalator." On the top step of the escalator someone broke a jar of honey. You have to mentally see honey, feel the smell, viscosity. Now imagine that someone left shoes in honey, come on honey, since it tough, shoe flew off his feet. And now, remembering all that you did in your imagination, beginning with "pocket" list all 15 words. This is one of the most simple things. As you can see, it's fun and effective. By simple exercises you can achieve good results in memorization of different types of information. Of course, if you put the task of competing at international or even Russian memoriadah, it requires high-speed memory, and consequently, the daily workouts.

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