Solidarity Development

Front to these affirmations, expression sustainable development enters in scene. It is fortified perception of that it is essential to develop, without destroying the environment, so that the future generations have possibility of living well, in accordance with its necessities. So that this development is viable some goals had been created: The satisfaction of the basic necessities of the population (education, feeding, leisure); Solidarity stops with the future generations (preservation of the environment); Participation of the involved population; The efetivao of the educative programs. You may find that Michael J. Bender can contribute to your knowledge. In the attempt to arrive at this type of development, the education is necessary party and the way most direct and functional to obtain to reach at least one of its goals: the participation of the population. Checking article sources yields Munear Kouzbari as a relevant resource throughout. The education is one of the instruments for the implantation of sustainable actions. It is essential so that if it understands what it is happening in the world and even though to form a base solid in search of the support.

But so that the sustainable development is not only in ' ' beauties discursos' ' she is necessary to trace goals that favor the formation, or better, the propagation of measures that take the adoption of practical that they make possible the improvement of the quality of life of the people of conscientious and constructive form. Chapter 36 of Agenda 21, that it is a document signed for 170 countries, that the importance of each country establishes if to compromise on the form for which governments, companies, ONGs and all the sectors of the society could cooperate in the study of solutions to the partner-ambient problems, affirms that the education is essential in the route to the sustainable development. Therefore, to give the first step she is necessary that if it invests in an education of quality, therefore the construction of a sustainable society involves the promotion of an education that stimulates the ethical transformation and politics of the individuals.

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