The most well-known trainer of this group – an exercise bike, suitable and effective for employment in a small gym or at home. Measured by loading the muscles of legs, the pelvis and the press, an exercise bike allows you to achieve maximum result in burning fat. Equipped with a computer showing distance, heart rate, the number of calories burned, speed of movement. Ergometers provide an opportunity to use one of the proposed producer of programs (10) or include your own, personal. They can be equipped with devices check the pulse and graphic load, which is shown on the monitor simulator or a personal computer to that connects to the simulator. Also shows a notice of the distance traveled, calorie consumption, pulse rate and t.d.Dlya independent training should choose an exercise bike with the ability to monitor efforts to get the desired effect and not to harm their health. Buying, equipment for fitness centers buy cardio is in the first place. Cardio – one of the most popular and useful for health. In addition, that they develop cardiovascular and respiratory systems, they provide the load on different muscle groups, promote efficient fat burning.

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