New York Marathon

Europeans try compared both in training and in competition to beat a speed of which they think to be able to keep it all the way. Surely, this is the right strategy, the big surprises for which in most cases is about even grows, but fail. Translated for mortals: sometimes eggs have you simply! However, just for a marathon, I would recommend no kamikaze strategy. If you do faster than your body under the given route and weather conditions are here, you will suffer at the end and probably much time to lose. Just at a marathon which you not so often walk / run should it is of course extremely annoying if you’re staying in the competition among your options. Sam Mikulak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The strategy is applicable but on shorter races. Why not even at a 5 km race try to stay tuned on a running colleague who always hits you? Who it doesn’t work, you’re an experience richer – if you know that you couldn’t keep his pace maybe for 3 km. The remaining two miles suffer pass and at the next race you go to Yes again slightly more conservative.

And who knows, maybe the strategy is indeed and you have more reserves than you imagine at the end could. Another possibility is to train like the Kenyans. Replace the 4x2km in the planned 10 km race pace but just with a unit in which you are trying to run with a slightly faster running colleague. Then, can you maybe just 3 repetitions, bring change but definitely in your training. Of course you should so make every match and every training session and of course you should also didn’t choose someone to run with which 10 km-time five minutes is faster than yours. But to and controlled risk to go, fun and brings a fresh wind in your training. Lesson 5: a good workout group search what you have New York Marathon winner Geoffrey Mutai, the world record holder Wilson Kipsang and Chicago Marathon winner Dennis Kimeto together? You train all the same training group. With these successes, the Group seems to get anything right.

I think that they are not only good and very hard exercise, but also that the success of one is the other. When Mutai sees that Kipsang running world record and Kimeto the Chicago course record breaking, he sees that your training works. It is reported that Mutai belongs to the front runners of the group, so it is logical to assume: Hey, I train with the boys together. Running well, why should I not can it?” Translated for mortals: this is a lesson which makes my opinion transferred one-to-one to the amateur field. A good group brings not only structure in your training and is the focal point for all possible questions about running, but it can have a huge positive impact. When you see what the top runners in your group to afford are able, that will open a new perspective for you, what is possible. Find a running club or join a Club! Your workout will reach a whole new quality!

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