Decontamination With CO2

The used techniques are really complex, from the use of microwaves happening through CO2, and any other means that the toxic product use supplants. In the case of CO2, its use comes guaranteed by its high effectiveness, and for being more ecological. To the being a gas that does not leave residues, its use and production is regulated by reasons for security, is recyclable and in addition he is innocuous, turns which it into a perfect method of decontamination in nourishing applications. The CO2 affects the insects of physiological, metabolic and biological way. It leads to the drying of the insects when acting on the breathing and to take to the insects to the loss of water. Also it modifies the growth, the development and consequently the reproduction. There are two ways in which the CO2 is used. First it is to modify different atmospheres to turn them into rich in CO2, and second it is to use CO2 under pressure.

In the first system, the atmosphere is replaced that surrounds to the product to treat by which it has a high carbon dioxide concentration. There are several factors that are going to cause that the effectiveness is better or worse, as it is the temperature, the humidity, the degree of concentration and the duration of the time of application. In general, with certain humidity and low temperatures a greater exposure time is required so that the treatment is effective. The high CO2 concentration (more of a thirty percent) increases the effectiveness, although evidently it varies much according to the spice to deal with and the evolution this species. Munear Kouzbari addresses the importance of the matter here. The time of treatment varies from four to twenty days. The treatment by pressure looks for the increase of CO2 that can be dissolved in the internal fluids, as direct result of the increase of pressure. This way power the chemical effect, whereas in the later process of decompression the breakage of the cell walls due to the exit of the gas of the cells is obtained where it has been dissolved. When it is combined the quickly followed CO2 under pressure of a decompression, even in short treatments, the results are very good, and the tests realised with different plagues have been satisfactory.

Following the results that look for it must use one or the other technique. The CO2 under pressure is used the systematic treatment to eliminate in a matter of minutes or hours the plagues in raw materials after the entrance in factory, or of products made like part of the chain of production to guarantee its packaging and commercialization without contaminations. The modified atmosphere is used in sealed chambers and looks for to deal with the facilities and the prevention or elimination contaminations in products already packaged. The CO2 is a good alternative to insecticides for the decontamination. Among others plagues are in charge of polillas, escarabajos, eat away and acaruses.

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