Great Gift

Golf – a game for the elite, millionaire passion, of which mere mortals have representation in most of the films and various television programs. Afford regular visits to the golf club, get set clubs and other necessary, but not expensive accessories, can be very, very few. The rest remain in the consolation game, computer simulations and … mini-golf. However, refer to the mini-golf with neglect do not costs.

Play it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. This game is incredibly reckless, requires good flexibility of mind and a light, sure hand. At the same time from its "big brother" mini-golf is different availability is not dependent on age, level of affluence and the large space. Homeland mini-golf – America, where he appeared in 1920 and quickly became popular as family entertainment. But soon this fun turned into a completely separate sport in which regularly hosts international competitions. The first field of mini-golf course in Russia has appeared more than 10 years ago. And in 2010, our country is expected to holding the championship in this sport. As in conventional golf, the essence of the game is that, in making the smallest possible number of strokes, get the ball in the pocket.

The first blow is done with the primary site (T), the next – with where the ball stopped. Every touch of the ball club is a blow. The maximum number of strokes for each hole – 6. If the ball is driven into the sixth, added a penalty kick, then you need to go to the next hole. For the ball stuck in the obstacle, also added free-kick. The winner is the participant who made the fewer strokes per 18 holes (with the game on the number of strokes), or someone who has won more holes (with the game on a hole). In mini-golf can be played both at home and in the office and on the lawn during a picnic. However, when it comes to international competitions, then they can go only on special fields that are certified by the International Federation sports mini-golf course. There are three types of such sites. This asbestos field – with a rough surface of cement particle board, felt and concrete. Asbestos and the field felt good that they do not required to install, they can easily move when necessary from place to place. All modular field, usually equipped with standardized obstacles. A set of mini-golf course – perfect gift for relatives, as well as for business partners or boss. In a small wooden, metal or leather briefcase are the stick, ball and blade hole. Most interesting is that with such a gift is almost impossible miss – he would be happy people of any gender, age, profession and areas of interest. This is a game that can play together, children and their parents, all members of your team for the next corporate party, even business partners in what some negotiations to make communication more informal and relaxed. By the way, a set of mini-golf course – a gift that not only nice to have, but also a very nice gift. For sure lucky owner will want to immediately try out the purchase and ask you to play the game. The game of mini-golf will make the party fun and exciting, and all the guests give a good mood.

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