World Mini Golf Sport Federation

The mini golf is a golf practice under the treaty, the big difference that this has is that its practice is done in a much smaller scale both in area and active field of golf. Usually the rules are the same, only the mini golf has certain differences when run. In general, mini golf courses are set in small areas of land, with the aim of reducing the physical demands of this physical activity also is proper to note that circuits have mini golf obstacles like sand traps and specific as bridges, lakes, buildings, statues and barricades, whether everyday objects into miniature dimensions, these objects meet the difficult process of the game, making it a very entertaining activity. The mini golf begins its development in Scotland in 1867, where he created the first mini golf circuit in the world, called "The Himalayas", this was created with the main objective of having women play golf without the need for make great physical effort, so it developed a golf course much smaller dimensions, but with the same amount of holes. Some decades later the mini golf game emerged as a very applied to recreational and tourist sites, such as hotels and commercial establishments.

The pinnacle of the sport so to speak, was mainly in the united states and cities like London, where he built massively few years later. By the twentieth century the inclusion of novel synthetic materials, led to the creation of new fields with non-degradable material and the inclusion of elements such as barriers to this practice, as expected this made the mini golf swing obtain more than already possessed. In 1930 with the invention of a material which successfully simulated the real field, the rise of the mini golf was clearly favored, since these began to be built up roofs of residences and hotels. Because of this we can say that in the 30s this was the most popular activity for young people and U.S. adults. At present, the mini golf is practiced in places like resorts and recreational parks, as these with the advent of interactive gaming systems, have yielded in its heyday and are no longer built in homes and hotels. While it is good to note that today is not overlooked that apogee had this ancient sport, and also design and interactive game consoles in many media, not to mention also found on the Internet. Currently the development of mini golf has reached such a point that they have invented some national and international competitions, which are usually held every two years. There is also the World Mini Golf Sport Federation (WMF), which is responsible for recording official members around the world, not to mention that another of its regular activities are mini golf tournaments. In conclusion, the mini golf presents itself not only as a very entertaining way to spend time, but also as a major sporting activity in which we can be part officially, thanks to the existence of the World Mini Golf Sport Federation (WMF).

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