Antonio Egydio Martins

In the way of these streets it was an ample land, covered of wild vegetables; but he was plain, propitious, therefore, for one ground. It did not cost nothing to order to capinar, and to transform it into a square of sports. He was what if fez.’ ‘ Now let us see a stretch of a book of Antonio Egydio Martins on the history of So Paulo (nothing to see with soccer), published originally in 1911, on: ‘ ‘ the great Mansion of the Palms, that today is transformed into the streets of the Immaculate Conceio, Baroness of Itu, Martim Francisco, Baron of Tatu, Is Vicente de Paula, Albuquerque Lins, Anglica Avenue, Barros Tree-lined avenue and outras.’ ‘ They notice that they are basically the same streets! More ahead, the author continues, transcribing a notice published in the Daily periodical of S. Pablo, of 22.08.1872: ‘ ‘ We call the attention the public for the acquisition of a building, a sita in the suburbs of this Capital, place most colorful, ameno and healthful mansion possible, being able not only to serve of recreation, as for establishment of any plant. We speak of the great Mansion of the Palms (…). This mansion contains 25 more than alqueires of lands in cultivated part, with great orchard, plantations of tea, cassava, capim and of good rendimento.’ ‘ I believe that the question is answered: the AA of the Palms had this name because it was where before the Mansion of the Palms was located, sufficiently aprazvel place that finished if becoming perfect for practical it soccer. Sources: AMENDOLA, Joo. Portuguese Italian dictionary.

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