Cauca River Canyon

Clear that the only way of income is not only the trunk of coffee. The road that communicates Medellin with the southwest of the country also penetrates into the region, and visit municipalities like Santa Barbara and La Pintada. The temperature, in the coffee zone, maintained an average of 24 C. But it is easy to find higher across the Canyon of the Cauca River, in places like La Pintada, the youngest municipality of Antioquia. These last places have longer possessed a real tourist intent, it has taken the practice of ecotourism, extreme and adventure sports such as kayaking, rafting and mountain bike boom, others include the hospitality infrastructure needed to meet the different tastes. The coffee town of Thames, boasts rare attractions such as the petroglyphs carved by the Indians in large rocks and the spa aimed at tourists who want plans of rest and relaxation. In its surroundings are viewpoints, natural spas, day spa hotel, roads of muleteers and waterfalls where you can practice extreme sports like abseiling, climbing, or canopy, among others.In rural areas there are waterfalls, natural spas, paths of muleteers and hills that serve as natural viewpoints and become the perfect natural setting for the practice of different extreme sports and adventure. Southwest is full of surprises in its lattice of mountains and cliffs, the Cauca River Canyon and all climates.

There are so many options for step should not be rushed. The path of the trunk line of coffee puts its rhythm, color. The visitor should only enjoy. The Southwest de Antioquia represents the Majesty of the mountains that surround it, the peaks of the hills that guard, the cordiality of the people who inhabit it, and the delicious aroma of a product that made it big, make it a memorable piece of Antioch who hardly forgets where you know.

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