Community Education

Normally projectos taxes for small groups or isolated activities, managed for only some individuals of the pertaining to school community? as one projecto of selective collection in which the only one participation of the pupils is to play the garbage in separate boxes, involving only one coordinating professor? they are not capable to produce the change of necessary mentality so that the attitude to reduce the consumption, to reuse and to recycle solid residues if establishes and exceeds stops beyond the pertaining to school environment. Therefore, alternatives must be searched that promote a continuous reflection that culminates in the metania (mentality change); but of this form, the intermediate school of the Estoril will obtain to implement, true Ambient Education, with activities and projects not mere illustrative, but fruit of the anxiety of all the pertaining to school community in constructing a future in which let us can live in a balanced environment, in harmony with the way, the other beings livings creature and our fellow creatures. The following steps are suggested, for the search of alternatives of implementation of Programs of Ambient Education in the intermediate school of the Estoril, involving coordination teams to multidiscipline: Formularization of a project pedagogical for the school that reflects the space sciopoltico? economic cultural that it inserts itself; Survey of excellent situation-problems, referring to the reality where the school is inserted, from which if searchs the formularization of subjects for study, analyzes and reflection; Estruturao of a matrix of contents Inter-crossing the contents/disciplines x situations? problems/subjects; Accomplishment of seminaries, meeting, debates between professors, to make compatible the boardings of the contents/you discipline x situation-problem/subjects, searching on situation-problems to be worked. Having this carried through and materialize it can be left for effective points of pertaining to school shares as: Survey of the ambient profile of the school (if it possesss green area, horta, separation of garbage, etc.); Survey of the projects that are being developed in the school; Accompaniment of specific projectos in the school that will be developed by the professors or for the Association of the Pupils (garbage Recycling, cleanness the beaches, plantation of trees, etc); Mobilization of all the pertaining to school community for the development of activities during the week of the environment, with purpose to acquire knowledge the population on the ambient questions; Accomplishment of educative campaigns using the available medias, the said press and writing, distribution of pamphlets, posters, in order to inform and to stimulate the population in problematic relation to the ambient one; To promote the integration between the organizations that work in the diverse dimensions of the citizenship, with the objective to extend the knowledge and to accomplish the implementation of the rights of citizenship in the daily one of the population.

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