Data Protection And Data Security – One By One EDV GmbH Expanded Seminar Offering

The Schulungsdienstleister one by one EDV GmbH responds to recent developments and offers new seminars on the subject of data protection. In October 2010, the launch of the new courses for training in the area of data security fell from the service provider in the field of adult education. Now, participants in the new courses of one by one get EDV GmbH as E.g. data exchange of international companies”and privacy in the financial and insurance industry” know legal regulations on data protection. Tailored to the individual needs of the customer seminars to IT law and data protection provide valuable answers to current questions of privacy. Especially for companies, it is essential, accurately knowing the laws of data protection and data processing and in the course of international business relations correctly to apply them.

For this reason the operating company in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland has expanded now targeted his seminar. Already established training are data security through new courses on data protection in the public finance and the Complements the exchange of data in the international business environment. Through this extensive seminar offer one by one offered around sound information and orientation EDV GmbH to the vast area of privacy for its customers. All courses for protecting data, see

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