Forza Motorsport

The most important thing: all the games would serve previously as very little if the consoles were not supported by video game production companies. Fortunately for everyone, three consoles have a good offer, and are also looming really promising titles in all senses. Let’s see that it offers each one of them. Does Xbox 360 have the advantage after going several months in advance, which makes having a catalog truly consolidated, with titles that will become history as Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Gears of War, or the recent Forza Motorsport 2?. In addition, the catalogue of the Bazaar is really good, with jewels as Castlevania: Simphony of the Night, Lumines Live!, or Geometry Wars. If add you the powerful infrastructure on-line and the possibility of testing a large number of games thanks to the demos, it becomes a safe bet. Wii has been the the second out, and must admit that most of the heavyweights of the console have come in the first two months. Wii Sports, which comes included with the console, is really fun to play with friends or family and make with the peculiar knob, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is an adventure that is really worth to enjoy and there are other titles like Excite Truck or Mario Strikers: Charged Football that should be in our sights.

Also is there to take into account the Virtual Console, which you can play Super Mario 64 titles?, Super Castlevania IV or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for a reasonable price. The catalog of Playstation 3 isn’t too broad, although there are games like Virtua Fighter 5?, Motorstorm or Resistance that are good enough to be first batch.

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