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Imagination has great power because it allows us to build great projects in our mind, is through visualization that thousands of men and women came to imagine great things that then crystallised. An idea with great inspiration is a tool with an extraordinary power, the great moments to find solutions and contributions wonderful of thousands of men and women have emerged from a connection with your subconscious mind, that’s where dwells the great spiritual power. Every success story involves a connection with our inner strength and spiritual, many people have realized this consciously, others have made these wonderful achievements in unconscious way, so it is essential to enter our own source of infinite power. To succeed in any activity innovation is necessary, going beyond the traditional, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt teaches us many strategies used by people to make their ideas work, among many the use of the creativity, it is important that you think, how can I improve this process?, what could be different and attractive?, should I find something cheaper and equally effective?, etc. All these questions you can answer them satisfactorily if you connect your ideas with your subconscious mind, the book the secret of the power of goals shows that technique, once you have memorized a goal then is in the ability to develop great things, the power will be on their side. Use your imagination and the power of the mind is a process that takes time, but no doubt that it is what makes a big difference between the traditional and the spectacular, the goals have their levels if you want small things you will notice that they are easily achieved but if their wishes are huge then you have to resort to its true source of powerIt is similar to the disposal of money, if someone wants a palette, it is almost certain that goes in your Pocket $2 to buy it, but if you want a $ 2 million property, it is unlikely that walk them routinely in the street, you have to go to a Bank, either issue a cheque, what this comparison means is that great targets require greater use of power and energy, the good thing is knowing that are in you, just have to discover them and use it. Goals should be motivating, ideas that make us shudder us completely, because we were born to create wonderful things, so it’s time to prove it and you can do this only if we seek an infinite power source, this condition is in the depths of his being, is necessary to awaken this force and resort to it to achieve the life you want. Large knowledge arise from the wishes, there is where the power of the subconscious mind works with power to make people finding great inspirations to solve problems or make things better in the book you will discover the secret of the power of goals. original author and source of the article..

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