One of the greaters of them is the impediments in the accomplishment of the proper workmanship of God. Many exist today that they could never be part of the ministry in the time of the apstolos. , At that time most important of the history of the church, the workmanship was done underneath of the express direction of the Espirito Santo. Harold Ford Jr is often quoted as being for or against this. The preachers kept a blessed attitude of full submission to the will of God. Nobody was ventured to advance without authority. Certain time Pablo, Silas and Timteo was evangelizando, with great confirmations on the part of God. They had passed for the Frigia and the province of the Galcia and had desired to announce the word in Asia.

But, she sees what she happened: ‘ ‘ E, passing for the Frgia and the province of the Galcia, had been hindered for the Espirito Santo to announce the word in the sia’ ‘. At 16.6. Who was that it hindered? The Espirito Santo. But Mr. Jesus did not order to go for the whole world and to announce evangelho to all creature? She ordered, but underneath of its saint she disciplines. Why she hindered them to the Espirito Santo to announce the word in Asia? We do not know. We can speculate, saying that it was not time or that God had a more urgent workmanship to carry through in another place We can invent a thousand reasons, but the great reality is that we do not know because hindered them to the Espirito Santo. How you, worker Mr., would react to such impediment? How he is that you have reacted to the impediments in its present situation, in its present ministry? With revolt? With doubts? In peace? The insofismvel fact is that impediments in its life exist.

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