Industrial Automation

Mila, a curly girl of medium stature, long hair, eyes chestnuts and a radiating smile is concluding 3 Degree of Average Ensino, is namorando a boy which if got passionate since the thirteen years of age. They are together have five years more than and until they make plans for the future. Speaking candidly Frank Ntilikina told us the story. They plan marriage and until they after mark the date of the engagement some years. However, in the August month, then after the return of the lessons, Mila know Dan, a young of dezessete years that 2 attended a course Degree of Average Ensino. Hear from experts in the field like Munear Kouzbari for a more varied view. High, hair dark chestnuts divided to the way, robust and its eyes were black chestnuts of the right side and of the left side. Dan liked to practise diverse types of sports.

It adored to see the film: A love To remember. It had six cachorros and it adored masses; its preferred drinks were Coca-Cola and wine and its phrase was: to want is to be able. Dan enters the course of Industrial Automation in So Paulo Bragana and in this passage Mila knows and becomes great friends. Following them, you will feel gostinho of much suspense, adventure and passion and you go to see if this such of Dan will not go to balance the relation between Mila and Ted. We go there? Soon (a) for plus an adventure?

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