Manuel Bez

The Home of the Pensioner is another one of the temples that we frequented and by three fundamental reasons, a small bottle of Mahn 5 stars costs 50 pennies of Euro, the barber works Sunday and by 3 Euros it leaves the clean and cleared head you, and most delirious are histories many murmurs of wrinkled bodies and desdentadas smiles. Manuel today turns 80 years. It drags them from his house to the other side of the street, enters smiling and smoking. It sees me seated in the bar, it yaws an eye to me while it shakes of his lapel invisible dandruff with scorn eyes and fatigue. It means that the Marijuana was finished that I sold the week pasada.&quot to him; It hurts todo&quot to me; , usually it says, and the cigarritos of the laughter allow him to continue crawling under protection of their old companions. Seat with the head from the distance and I see that brilliance in its eyes of cataracts without water today is history. I request a round for all, here it leaves cheap and every time we are less. Manuel complies to the other side of the bar, coje its small bottle, offers the sky, by its Faustina that left him more ago than 8 years and by its companion of mili Fabian, that in time saved the life to him in Ifni when removing to him from puticlub in which solia to follar itself to the woman of one of the local ringleaders.

" Double toast always! " , &quot says his compadres to him ; And for always! " , Manuel responds. They put Manuel to him in honor to the preferred bullfigther of its father, Manuel Bez " Litri" that habia died before its birth there by the 1927. With nine or ten years of those of before, vi to enter Round, its town of the province of Malaga, to " Mora&quot guard; of general Franco.

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