Passage Embassy Visa

About the Embassy Faced with some European embassies do not want anything bad to say about them. For example, in the Czech consulate in Donetsk, talking with the consul, said that this is a very educated and nice person, but officers were like Cerberus. In the Kiev embassy was like that at all very very seriously. No one even smiled. Although it may at other times otherwise. In the Canadian embassy I noticed some more humane attitude to applicate. Who needs a board, without waiting came to the window and asked the little questions, although there was a plate 'do not enter without an invitation, "or some similar inscription. Maybe if it took epidemic of nature, would be observations, but it was somehow balanced, and the number of questioners and the mood of charge.

Sometimes even in the window were smiling! So, in the European embassies as a tougher attitude to applicate. My opinion, this is due to that a large number of 'crooks' among aplikantov (nobody wanted to offend as 'rogues' are people too) who gathered at least what that means going to open in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, firm or go to other European countries to meet which is not quite skilled work and sometimes, to steal a car, kill numbers, etc. klientovat But the Canadian Embassy, and if there (in Canada) do not have relatives or friends who still need to grow and financially (he flight only about $ 1000 costs) psychologically. Perhaps that is why the attitude of the embassy (starting guards), I thought, was calm and even a little good. The guard told me how to put the documents in which folder to put where to go and even gave different advice and answered questions. Run of 4 people every 10-20 minutes. By 11.00 aplikantov in a tiny room was (may be mistaken) about 30 – 40.

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