Peckimpack Straw Dogs

I've only seen two films Haneke and should not be the best known. Get all the facts and insights with Doug McMillon, another great source of information. The other day a friend could not resist Funny Games. I also go really bad sight. NBA: the source for more info. " However, guess when you face a great movie, a movie that mark, even for scenes of psychological violence. The look of one of the protagonists, the sadistic young golfer who enters the house of a couple who will spend their holiday by the lake is not forgotten.

Even this evil character is allowed the audacity to ask the audience what we think of their actions. Laa smells bad thing when the buddy insists that women of the house of the eggs he allegedly asked a neighbor, good, look bad and when he apparently accidentally throws the phone at the sink. The woman began to mosques. What a brat so strange to think. Poor lady, over her husband is fishing on the lake with his son. After all fires quickly, kill the dog with a golf club, appropriated the house, intimidate women and when husband returns, he also hit him with the stick. These guys are pimps, but a smart-looking thugs, dressed as golfers dress, seem more like a posh, yes, some children of father.

And even the leader of the duo has an innocent face. Then, confessed to his captors who take drugs, have always been drugged, they are sick in the head, which, logically, more frightening to the victims. With huge similarities with A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick and with Peckimpack Straw Dogs, Haneke is separated from them in the apparent calm with which everything happens. And in The White Ribbon, the German director returns to psychological terrorism, although this time the story focuses on a town and there are more speakers, the atmosphere is less claustrophobic, perhaps, but violence late everywhere. You do not forget to certain characters like the Pastor or the Doctor, or certain phrases, like "Why do not you die?, Which tells the doctor the midwife. Afortunadamentea There is another kind of moral or other forms of acting as the teacher of the village, which gives everyone a lesson in humility, kindness and education. Anyway, I've seen two films by Michael Haneke and I have already made up their minds on how you can be your film.

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