Powers Of Meditation For Success

You have to be comfortable and quiet to meditate. It would be nice to close the eyes to focus on yourself and think what you're doing. Once you meet the above requirements, you can tell that you are completely focused on you and your body. You stay quiet and a good time. It is important to do well because it is necessary alignment take place before each exercise. Fist (Breathing, part 2) Now start breathing slowly and deeply, (but you've done before), but with the concern not to move your shoulders or chest, but only with the strength and movement of your abdomen ( your energy center) for both inhalation and exhalation in, each being approximately 5 seconds.

Once you've mastered the abdominal breathing (which is how we should breathe at all times) start making an effort to breathe with your belly to squeeze all the air in your abdomen so that I'd been punched in the stomach . You keep practicing until you master it completely. It is important to implement, where possible, this technique at all times. First test: the Hundred-Aligned raise both arms straight and stiff on the sides of the hip in the air and move quickly as we inhale and exhale for 5 seconds. Then we both knees flexed against the chest (as if we were hugging) and perform the same movement of arms, 5 seconds to inhale and exhale for five seconds 10 times. Second exercise: Roll-Down Supports the soles of your feet on the ground (bending and lifting your knees).

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