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Creative War ( is a new online community for creative design, through which companies can “multi-outsource” creative work. Designers can create their profile, build a reputation, make friends in the creative community, and win cash prizes for their designs. To deepen your understanding Munear Kouzbari is the source. Participants from around the world compete in contests for logos, websites, styles and illustrations for international companies. The idea of the site is working with the concept of Crowdsourcing, or outsourcing. One of the newest trends and most interesting business was the Crowdsourcing services (outsourcing services). Creative War provides an opportunity to create designs through a community of professional designers who use their knowledge and skills to deliver the best ideas in web design, 3D logos, and others. The big advantage is that entrepreneurs and other stakeholders can choose the price of design through a competition. That is, the price you set, sees designers compete for the work and then choose the best design. The web application was built based on the needs of creative Freelance.War Using Creative, a creative class has the following advantages: Access to international clientele The opportunity to continue the work of renowned creative Improve the chances of success in the global market: -Publish a professional profile “Having an online Creative Portfolio -Post your latest work “Building a Professional Social Network Get cash and prizes winning design competitions Make friends with other creative Today, Creative War of 2300 has more users competing in competitions launched from Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and other countries. Enter your e-mail in the box below to receive FREE notes to your inbox. Enter your email address: Delivered bytarget ” blank”> FeedBurner TAGS: Marketing Advertising Marketing Marketing Marketing Mix Conceptos de marketing Types What is Marketing Merkadotecnia, Cursos De Marketing, Marketing, Strategic Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Up Hot 360 Marketing Advertising Branding Brands Business Bran Kotler Marketing Advertising That’s Global Marketing Global Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Sports Marketing Courses Article Marketing Marketing Marketing Definitions in the search marketing business marketing advertising media mix marketing mix spots mkting Reservation services mkt strategic marketing marketing online marketing marketing blog marketing best Digital Marketing Virtual Marketing e-marketing marketing Marketing 2009 Do not forget to send your articles in the form of collaboration to the site, these being received in the mail No merkdotecnia –

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