Princess Catherine Dolgorukoi

In fact, having virtually unlimited power, Menshikov could raise an army, arrange another coup in Russian history, but did not do. Why – we can only guess, but the fact remains that until his arrest on September 8, 1727, Aleksandrov did nothing. Nevertheless, Peter II the same day signed a decree prepared by Osterman, never do before a lawful order of Grand Duke. The day after his arrest was issued a new decree, which deprived the Menshikov all ranks and grades awards, as well as its link with the family. After a long journey the convoy delivered the baggage to Ranenburg Menshikov (now the city is called Chaplygin in the Lipetsk region).

After this investigation began. The disgraced nobleman accused not only of theft, embezzlement and extortion, but also in secret relations with Sweden, the transfer of classified information and, therefore, of high treason. Part Menshikov possessions were confiscated. During Aleksandr Danilovich investigation strongly rejected the very idea of the possibility of betrayal of Russian interests them. Evidence of secret relations with the Swedes was not observed in any securities of the prince, either during the interrogation of its employees. 16 April 1728 Menshikov with household has been sent to Siberia. Along the way he buried his wife, Darya Mikhailovna. This death has had a strong influence on him, Menshikov was to repent of their sins, claimed that he had received his due, and never addressed to the Emperor to pardon, believing that the hardship redeems his fault.

Alexander Danilovich turned to God and with fortitude and humility endured all the trials, saying: "With the simple life began, and the simple life finish. " Together with his son Alexander and a few faithful servants, he has built himself a wooden hut, and later – a small church. After his fall, Menshikov had lived a little over two years. He died November 12, 1729. Around the same time death of his eldest daughter Mary, a former fiancee of Peter the Second – is not known who had died earlier. She never learned that the will of the Emperor Prince children allowed to return to St. Petersburg. There is also a tradition that it secretly visited in love Fedor Dolgoruky. It is believed that Peter was also the second did not know about Maria's death – he died of smallpox January 19, 1730. Just the same day, which was appointed for his marriage with Princess Catherine Dolgorukoi, whose home almost more than all contributed to the downfall of Menshikov.

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