What they need to smoke with the own smoker. Self smoked – a very special treat you want to surprise your guests with self-smoked fish or meat or even to benefit from something special. Smoking is not as hard as many people think. Smoking is not only a positive effect on taste, smell, and color of the Rauchergutes, but increases its shelf-life outside a cooling. Learn what you need do to smoking. The be-all and end-all of the smoker: when smoking ovens, you can choose between a wide range nowadays.

They’re now in many different sizes, square or round for domestic use or even for larger quantities. Depending on whether you would prefer smoke meats, fish, or even both, whether they have much or little place. Large selection, a matching oven is certainly for you. Fuel: to cheer on and generating heat can wood or use coal. If you decide to pieces of wood, a maximum of 3 cm in diameter and a length of 20-25 cm should have this.

Rauchern materials: to produce the typical smoke sawdust or sawdust are placed on the smouldering fuel. Sawdust -, or flour should preferably consist of hard woods. Very well suited for beech, alder and oak. But also Apple, cherry, lime, Maple poplar, willow, elm and ash. The smoking materials can affect not only the color, but above all, the taste of the smoke good. Therefore it is often in blended both the juniper berries or sticks of juniper tree. Not so often, but also possible: Spruce, or pine chips, Sage, or Bay leaves, thyme, and Rosemary branches. Thermometer: A thermometer will helps you to determine that you need to the hot or cold smoking the exate temperature. Depending on how long the smoking material should be preserved, you can hot smoke (50-85 degrees Choose Celsius) and cold smoking (15-25 degrees Celsius). Salt Lake: In general the smoke well before smoking in a brine is placed. There are many recipes for it. Basic components are always a high-quality salt and water. The ingredients are mixed it in a large bowl or bucket. Like here even spices are added. This is however not required. Some Raucherer give some alcohol to their Salt Lake. More work materials: hooks for hanging up the fish or meat. A grid to lay fish fillets on it.A drip tray. These things are already in some smoking ovens as standard accessories.

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