I wanted to share with you 2 important super techniques, you will need to understand immediately if you want to burn more fat fast… And never retrieved. Event triggers and Sobre-aprendizaje. One of the main reasons why 95% of those who follow a diet or exercise failing, is by that possess certain events, or triggers events in their lives, which causes that they abandon their diet or exercise plan very easily. In the case of certain people, it is to attend social gatherings. Do very well when they are alone, but when they are surrounded by their friends, are vested in their old unhealthy eating habits. For others, must see this with a certain level of stress can cause many people to totally abandon healthy eating habits to lose fat in a short time. Both are huge triggers events, that will make sustained fat loss, virtually impossible for most of those who follow a diet and do exercise.

For this reason, now that you know what is a trigger event will talk about how to avoid them: first, let’s spend a few minutes with a sheet of paper and a pencil. Search in your head and remember all plans of diet and exercise that you’ve followed with the passage of the years… Think about all the times you zookeeper those routines what caused it? It was an emotional decision?Was it the stress? Was your social life?, etc. Identify your trigger event is the step #1 to delete it. Very well, now that you’ve identified your main event triggers, the next step is to establish what is known as Sobre-aprendizaje in that head of yours. The sobre-aprendizaje is a concept used by elite athletes, school teachers and others more involved with teaching and learning behaviors.

For example, many teachers will tell you that if you know a cool issue before a test, it is most likely that you do well; even if a fact such as stress (an event trigger) can make you temporarily forget things that you easily recordarias under less tense conditions. To the envelope – learn a habit, as drinking at least 2.8 litres of cold water all day, will prove to be highly unlikely to do something that is comfortable and simple (as not drinking water and drinking soda) If you encounter with one of your triggers events. When we encounter our triggers events, we are going to do whatever is easiest; However, if you have on-learned a habit which now is like second nature to you, you can follow these healthy habits, even when faced with overwhelming emotions, stress, or any other triggering event. How long do you take on learn something? Well, if you’re trying to learn a new behavior, or break an old habit?, research shows that you must practice the new habit or around the old behavior, daily for around 100 days you can do a very good job to establish new eating and exercise behaviors in so only 3 weeks but the true sobre-aprendizaje, only occurs until after 10-11 weeks more or less. By then, you’ve developed a virtually impenetrable fortress against your own event triggers something that will keep you slim, strong and healthy for life! I wonder if you understand how powerful that can be use the concepts of sobre-aprendizaje and triggering events for your fitness and fat loss goals. Ramiro R P.D. If you want more information, visit our page by: Ramiro Ruiz Autor and source of the article.

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