The Men

Sometimes to the shopkeepers they give of gift the good clients. Also one is in drug stores or the same ticket office of hammam, where it is already necessary to pay a little more (around 20 drhams by a jar of 200 mgs approx). A plastic bucket in order to transport all the previous one. Toalla or Albornoz (in hammams of the hotels normally it is not necessary). Our clean clothes. Once we have all the kit we must choose hammam well. For los/as more comodones/as, we recommended those of the luxury hotels, where the cleaning and the highest invoice is assured.

For los/as more aventureros/as, is hammams of district, much more authentic, without cheap aromatic oils but and much more equal of relajantes that the other. Hammams is divided in two zones, one for the men and another one for the women. The entrance usually costs 1 drham. Once we entered clothes, we will find a counter where we must leave to our purses and the rest of properties. Usually they are pleased with some currencies to the person responsible for this wardrobe.

In clothes we will take off the clothes. The majority of the men leaves the put underpants; however, the women are much less pudorosas and naked the feminine one is integral almost always. Once we have undressed we entered hammam proper. And up to here the preparation, in the next article we will approach the ritual process of hammam. Since we have already mentioned, the majority of the hotels in Marrakesh has their own hammam, very luxurious and normally tempting. Practically all the riads of Marrakesh also have cosy, elegant his hammam, and totally equipped. Also can lodge and visit one of the wonderful villas in Marrakesh where, besides his own hammam usually they have swimming pool, gymnasium and even fields of sports. Original author and source of the article.

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