Trends University Thought

Universities as educational institutions play an important role in the current world characterized by challenges posed to him by the knowledge society, corresponding a strategic role in the transition from one paradigm to another of greater dynamism, where economic and social development is conditioned by factors unavoidable, such as those having to do with the progress of the investigation and the progress of science and technology at the emergence of a new tax for the current society of knowledge, the Academy, its dependencies and the people therein involved, are committed to promote adjustment, reforms and important alternatives in its structure, to make of the intellectual work, the work of teaching, research and extension, based on the change to a new development model induce socio-economic model. This step has podium and background the ideology of Marti, when nearly a century ago taught us that the new world it corresponds to a new University to express: In theological times, theological University. In science times, scientific University. (J. If you are not convinced, visit Munear Kouzbari. Marti 1963: T8 34) evolutions who is living today in matters economic, educational, social, political and cultural, coupled with the great advances in science, technology and information in these times has produced a new context historical partner where human society each day must assume the changes and challenges arising out of the information and knowledge society. All these important changes have impacted the University educational system in the world by introducing a new philosophical conception in teachers and in the institutions of higher education.

This reality leads to the emergence of new requirements and management for the teaching practices, to respond efficiently and effectively to the changes that we are experiencing today in this sector. He versed in the area: Daniel Bell wrote his book, in Spanish universities are investigating very little. Today the reality is another: is seeking scientific and technical make up an important part of the ordinary lace of the universities, and although not reached, in quantitative terms, the average levels of production, it can be said that the majority of teachers college applies to the production of knowledge. However, at present, universities are not the only institutions that produce knowledge. Never, since its creation in the middle ages, they have been exclusively and in times of severe crisis of the universities, as in the 18th century, much of the technical creation was performed outside of them. But it is from the second third of the 20th century and especially after World War II, when scientific research is approached in a systematic manner by the arms companies and other non-University, producing both institutions or more knowledge than in the academies.

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