A Great Way to Play Baseball

Kansas City, Missouri is the home to a unique organization known as KC Sports Tournaments.  Baseball is the name of the game which KC Sports organizes, and do they do a great job at it. It all began back in 1993 as a fund raiser for the KC Wildcats, a team for eleven year olds. The Clay Platte Invitational was the first tournament. It was composed of only eight teams, but five out of those eight went on to participate in the World Series, all placing within the top six places.

The first Wildcat Invitational took place in 1994, and the ultimate goal was to have from 12-16 teams competing with each other. Unbelievably, that year there was a total of 64 teams, half of which had competed in the previous year’s World Series.  Now that KC Sports is in its 18th year, they are busy organizing tournaments for themselves as well as for USSSA Baseball. They expect to host more than 4,000 teams in the coming year.

KC Sports has a fantastic schedule planned for the upcoming baseball season, not just in Kansas City, but also in Branson and Joplin. Tournaments welcome all children ages 9-14 with a large range of ability and previous experience. No matter how much you child knows or doesn’t know about playing baseball, there is a place for him or her in KC Sports.

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