Flamengo One

After all, as it places Cascudo Chamber well, urubu, by if feeding of died animals, are considered an ominous bird (in compensation, also it is smart e, in some folclricos stories, even appears with relative affection). Perfect, therefore, to scare the botafoguenses most superstitious. Another reason is that, in the decade of 60, the twisted rivals called the rubronegros ‘ ‘ urubus’ ‘ , as offensive aluso to the fact to have many flamenguistas afrodescendentes. Then, they had decided, if one may use the expression, ‘ ‘ to transform the lemon into limonada’ ‘. Because, according to Jose Miguel Wisnik, when adopting the xingamento, is possible to revert ‘ ‘ the supposedly negative character of the expression, printing to it a connotation proud provocativa’ ‘. As well as they had made, p.ex, the pontepretanos with the Monkey, the tricolores with the Dust-of-rice, the palmeirenses with the Pig and the coritibanos with Thigh-White but that they had not made the be-Paolinos with the Bamby, the bugrinos with the Hen and the torcedores of the Briosa with the Burrinha, for obvious reasons.

Only that, pparently, urubu already was entailed to the Flamengo has more time, before exactly of the provocations of the twisted adversaries. In chronicle published in the Periodical of the Sports, in 01.11.1947, the romancista celebrity and fanatic rubro-black Jose Lins of Rego counts that ‘ ‘ Ari Barroso arranged one urubu for the Flamengo, through a verse of the August poet of the Anjos’ ‘. The verse, of soneto modern Buddhism, is the following one: ‘ ‘ Ah, one urubu settled in my luck! ‘ ‘. The romancista, when commenting this, thought that ‘ ‘ urubu of the Flamengo is a poor fellow mouth of praga’ ‘. By the way, urubu can have been associated to the Flamengo because the region next to the headquarters to the Topsail, old, was a dump the opened sky, infested of urubus as it described proper Jose Lins of Rego well, in chronicle of 05.05.

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