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Near 100 workers independently passes away monthly and nobody speech of it and the consequences that it has Madrid. 18/09/09. The weekend and with him so feared arrives the statistical one from the people who die by an accident in the highway. A list of which the mass media become echo but in which nevertheless never shapes a reality: The hundred of independent workers who lose the life every month in the labor, social highway and consequences and economic that it entails. A sad end that Rescuing Garci’a of CONAE the supervisory Micro-enterprise and, President, Torrico major Independent at national level, and in representation of the Employer’s association of Independent of Madrid (COMAE) finishes remembering in Forum on Road Security in the Company organized by Foundation MAPFRE and the Association for the Prevention and Seguridad Laboral (AEPSAL). the statistical ones on road accidents forget the 3.200.000 independent ones that there is in our country, since they are not contemplated. In the numbers that are shuffled each month would have to appear near one hundred workers independently who pass away because of a road labor accident.

Forgetfulness that according to Torrico cannot be continued allowing and that the FSC-CCOO representatives, the State Federation of Transports, Communication and Sea of the UGT and the President of the Spanish Medicine Society of Traffic agreed in which he leaves himself gives to produce. cannot be worked with erroneous statistics that do not count on enterprise 85% of the Spanish census and which they forget the 3.202.305 independent of our country. Thus the Torrico things emphasized which would have to be the points to contemplate at the time of speaking on road labor accidents and this group: To stop excluding the 3.200.000 from independent from statistical on Road Security and the road labor Accidents? To put on the table concrete actions to avoid road labor risk and to reduce the number of deaths in the highway? To be created a Table, nonexclusive nor excluding, in which all the agents are represented social and where one considers million of independent of our country through organizations like the Employer’s association of Independent CONAE. With these three premises, by which it comes for a long time betting the Employer’s association from Independent CONAE and the Employer’s association of Independent of the Community of Madrid, COMAE, is guaranteed something so priceless and necessary as the independent well-being of the entrepreneurs, industralists and the micro-enterprises, finalizes.

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