New Year Old Promises

The new year always a time was a divider of time that we make rocking of our actions, conquests and because not disillusionments. But the new year also is time of party where people if confraternizam in such a way in parties of ends of year in companies, clubs or in family, a time who we must celebrate the peace in our hearts, the day 1 of January was chosen by the ONU as the day of the Universal Confraternizao, from there comes this direction of confraternizao. The new year also brings the renewal of old promises that always we make in the same ones and almost never we fulfill. Here 10 promises that always done at the time of new year and almost never fulfilled go. 1.Em this new year I go to try to have one better quality of life; 2.Em this new year I go to have to be more patient with the errors of other people; 3.Em this new year I go to practise sports and to give more attention to my health; 4.Em this new year I go to take off vacation and I go to travel; 5.Em this new year I go to have a life more intense spiritual of what the year that this finishing; 6.Em this new year I go to have time for what I taste to make; 7.Em this new year I go to invest more in me every day; 8.Em this new year I go to give to more importance the important people. Children husbands, parents and brothers, therefore are people who go to be with you at the best and worse moments of the life; 9.Em this new year I go to respect mine its skill of being and learning to pardon me; 10. In this new year I do not go to give to time the people ‘ ‘ sequestradoras’ ‘ of emotions. In this year that if he initiates we go to try the least to fulfill one of these promises! He starts its list and

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