Madrid City Of Many Stations

Madrid is the capital of Spain since 1562 and is located in the Centre of the plateau at 646 m (2,119 ft) above sea level. In fact, Madrid is the capital with more height in Europe. So, how is the weather in Madrid? Due to its central location and because it is at that altitude the climate of Madrid consists of hot, dry summers and cold winters. Also due to its proximity to the mountains, winter becomes very cold. During the summer, midday heat is intense while the nights tend to be pleasantly cool but not cold.However, when winter temperatures drop below freezing. In Madrid it rains a little and there may be a short season in late October and occasionally in spring. Madrid has the temperate climate of the Mediterranean.

During the summer months the temperatures in Madrid can go above 30 degrees centigrade during the month of July, and in some cases it has been known that she reaches 40 degrees Celsius; It is ideal to travel to Madrid this season to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Although the climate during the winter months is very different from many other parts of Spain due to its location and height above the sea level, falling snow; If you enjoy the winter sports such as skiing, this is the ideal place to visit in the mountains near the present snow most of the year; a travel guide will probably advise you on what to do in the city in different seasons. The weather in Madrid varies greatly throughout the year, practically nine months of winter and three months of intense summer.

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