What was once caused a storm of emotions, has ceased to excite, but when stressful situations arise, it is incomparably easier to pass. I can say at that stage of my life I was much calmer than it is today. Now is the time to talk about how to bring our emotional, excitable nature in a resting state. Immediately disappoint you: on this difficult question there is no direct and clear answers, no specific recommendations – everything is very individual. Maybe someone will need expert help someone cope on their own. For one, the release will be a collective training, to other the best way to find peace – porelaksirovat in splendid isolation. The only thing that should be all set themselves the goal to find peace of mind – it's strict discipline and regime. They are the one rod that will support and strengthen you in this difficult situation, because the precise performance of simple, but mandatory things: eat, go to the gym, going to bed on time – will distract you from all the excess, you can focus on themselves and thereby avoid many stressful situations.

Of course, it is not easy, and you have to sacrifice for the sake up the goals. Is the least of what you have to give up – it's midnight vigil at the TV, with a book or with friends. Instead, you'll have to go to bed (by the way, to go every day at the same time – the best way to normalize the sleep).

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