The Universities

On the contrary, the University requires a patrimony of talent that has, make known their views, seek ways to integrate more the Government and provide guidance in all those plans that benefit to Venezuelans in their entirety and not for specific groups. Definitely, the universities face at present a great challenge, where vision of a University leadership strategist, intelligence, committed has the opportunity to play a decisive role in all those changes that really favor the rescue of academic and research excellence, training of professionals according to the needs of the country, be integrate to the opportunities generated by the actions of Government, especially when manifest weaknesses of this in some of his actions and more when it is public that there is an absence of solid opposition counteracting many strategies, plans that are not conducive to the country.Enough that the national universities maintain a passivity and acting on the basis of the power groups that have seized it, in favor of their own interests and not the community, leading to that will step to a huge significant academic, social cost to the country. He is needed to give way to new authorities, new leadership that will generate transformations, which are not demagogues, but able to rescue Venezuelan top equation, train, train professional generators of changes and transformations, ensuring development to the country and benefit for all.. .

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