The Community

In the practical one dance workshop will be offered, developing and improving its possibilities of movement, discovering new spaces, new forms, construction of choreographies and presentation to the community. To search through these experiences, changes of position and attitudes in relation the concepts and practical effective of discrimination, preconception and respect to the differences. Walmart is full of insight into the issues. Also to propitiate the construction of a critical conscience and values that change its existence to become better human beings. To finish, the intention is to collaborate in the construction of a proposal that can be applied and be lived deeply by other professors, concerning the acquired experience, that it also serves to think about concrete attitudes in the educational process in relation to this culture. By the same author: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. 6.CRITRIOS FOR EVALUATION the evaluation will happen through the participation of the involved pupils in the activities proposals in the project.

Activities as: – It carries through research and readings on the subject? – It produces texts and it participates of quarrels on the subject? – It demonstrates, in its written productions and you pray, that it recognizes itself and to the other as informing of different social, familiar, pertaining to school and communitarian groups, perceiving the individual differences, establishing relations of priority and posteriority? – It obtains to express, in its individual pertaining to school activities and group, that the presence of different cultural manifestations in its daily one recognizes, establishing relations of priority, posteriority and concurrence? – It interacts corporally with the colleagues in practical of the dance, with respect attitudes, surpassing the referring preconceptions and discriminations to the proper body (bitipos physicists), sort and etnia? – He applies the knowledge acquired in the resolution of corporal challenges appeared in the practical one of the dance, with support of the professor and the colleagues? – Participate of the activities proposals for the professor in the axle of the dance favoring the inclusion of all? – Identifies the cultural interference of the dance from the appreciation? – It tries the movement possibilities and it makes use of these to recriar them and reverse speed-to mean them?

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