The Hague

Laughable. As much Morals as Quiroga reflect educational under-development and the Bolivian historical obscurantism. They do not know that two more two are four? They do not know that Chile, in a predatory war snatched Antofagasta to him to Bolivia and Peru the department of Tarapac and the province of Arica? They do not know that to Chile enclaustr to Bolivia? It seems that separate Chile that a capable diplomacy is clear to him – directed the Bolivian foreign policy they bought or it. The Chileans say to them: Peru has taken to The Hague and if they gain to us as she happens you will not have exit to the sea. They go, they protest, they invent, they are the third party in discord, they complicate the things, to avoid that Peru leaves triumphant. The Bolivians as if they were robots are following the script For that reason the Peruvian president says to them pertinently: the marine disagreement between Peru and Chile, is a discusin of a dos to which Bolivia has not been invited, showing its surprise that the Bolivians leave to say that its exit to the sea is prevented. But no they are fighting nothing, they have not demanded anything, they have not discussed to anything.

Continuing, as he must be with the presidential line, the Peruvian chancellor reiterated that the demand before the CIJ by the marine disagreement with Chile does not affect Bolivia, and said that Peru cannot hope a solution to mediterraneidad of that country just to act in the defense of its interests. then Imaginar that a bilateral demand can affect a third country, is to look for three feet to him the cat, expressed. The Chileans, by all means, before the firm Peruvian position come out in defense his paje: Chile will continue working with Bolivia in the bilateral agenda of 13 points that includes the subject of the centennial Bolivian demand from an exit to the sea, affirmed to the Chilean chancellor Mariano Fernandez. And the Bolivians return to the counterattack: The Government will send a formal reclamation, through one " note diplomtica" , to the government of Peru to express its rejection to the declarations of president Alan the Garci’as, because they are little serious, little responsible and little respectful, the Bolivian chancellor David Choquehuanca said. A waste basket waits for the Bolivian diplomatic note. Published in the newspaper the Reason, of File-Peru, the 29 of March of 2009 *Periodista. Member of the Association of Foreign Press Email: Blog: Original author and source of the article.

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