These Christians

The Christians of the favour can tambmserem called gnsticos Christians. The gnsticos for some are provenientesdo Christianity, for others had been born dissociated of the same. They had, gnsticas vriascorrentes, however I will go to summarize that the gnsticos believed that ocorpo was bad and the good spirit. These Christians believed that to poderiampraticar any acts without harming its espiritualidade. What estavaacontecendo it was the banalizao of the moral.

One understands that we do not have nothing escritopela person of Jesus. I say this in the Bible. We have more epistles of Pablo of is any other apstolos. This sample that our theology is paulina and nocrist. It analyzes that all the commentaries will go to say that Roman was escritopara Rome. But I do not believe that it is so simple thus. Friedrich Nieztschedisse in its workmanship the Antichrist who Pablo was an opportunist who wanted lideraro movement of Jesus. It wanted to institutionalize the church, being that Cristosempre fought against the institutions in its time.

Having this in mind, pensoque Pablo wrote Romans with the objective to spread the Christian doctrine portodo the world. In Rome, roads for the whole world meet. Pablo only nopensava in Rome. It wanted to formulate arcabouo theological Christian edivulga it for the whole world. The Christian theology did not start ready. It had umdesenvolvimento and received influences of other philosophies and religions assimcomo the judaism. The Christian theology was not developed. Today, all the nossainterpretao has left of a paulina theology. One understands that Pablo in romanosforneceu all the theological base remodelled that we have. The soteriologia ours this in Romans. Nenhumadas other paulinas epistles possesss the soteriologico knowledge that possuiRomanos. I want to say with this, that Pablo sent the Epistle to the Romans pensandoem all the other Christian communities. It wise person who if sent this epistolapara the Romans it would arrive at other parts.

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