Guatemalan Literature

But before we enter fully the character, I think it is necessary to make a brief review of the Guatemalan Literature. With the arrival of the Spanish, whose thirst for conquest was interrupted by a millennial cultural process in our country, because aboriginal literature Maya-de-evolved descendants of the religious character of the epic and lyric poetry, cultivating and narrative prose. Among the literary production-Columbian indigenous or literature that is broad-we have the following written – Popol Vuh, which contains the creation of the Maya-Quiche – Memorial of Solola the historical events of the people – Rabinal Achi is a dance of tum or Dance Drama In turn we have a rich variety of manuscripts and codices (unfortunately not in our country) to be: Dresdense Codex, Codex Peresianus that revolves around the chronology and astronomy and data Codice Trocortesiano with ritual ceremonies, agriculture and social and everyday. Then come and writers in Castilian, which have left their mark with countless stories, among which are: Rafael Landivar Montufar Jose Batres, Jose Milla y Vidaurre, Flavio Herrera, Mario Monteforte Toledo, Luis Cardoza y Aragon, Augusto Monterroso, Virgilio Rodriguez Macal … and as Nobel Prize forget our Miguel Angel Asturias Literature with his work "The Lord President." And many more writers who extol the name of our country, some well known and others less so.

MACal RODRIGUEZ VIRGILIO (1916-1964) was born on June 28, 1916. Son of journalist, historian, writer and diplomat notable Don Virgilio Rodriguez Macal Beteta and Dona Elisa Asturias. Being a great Guatemalan novelist, internationally recognized and rewarded for his novels and stories lived, one of the foremost exponents of American literary criollismo, creating a large legacy to the culture.

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